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Terrence Brooks Jets Jersey

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PARIS Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , April 4 (Xinhua) -- Ahead of a television debate scheduled on Tuesday, presidential frontrunners far-right party leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron lashed out at each other in separate press interviews in an attempt to woo voters in a tough election.

Le Pen portrayed her arch rival Macron as "the candidate of the vacuum, of nothing".

"When he speaks, he falls into hatred Adoree' Jackson Titans Jersey , violence, aggression. I think Macron might not be in the second round of elections," she said Tuesday.

Le Pen believed that her qualifying in the presidential run-off was "essential to be able to bring to the French the fundamental choice between patriotism and globalism".

"I have to be present in the second round. Otherwise, the French will have the choice only between two globalists Corey Davis Titans Jersey ," she added, referring to Macron and conservative challenger Francois Fillon.

Campaigning with a protectionist platform, Le Pen pledged a move away from free trade zones and the euro to restore French national sovereignty via a return to local currency and internal borders.

According to a new survey released on Tuesday, first-round voting intentions for the frontrunners showed them neck-and-neck with 25 percent.

Polls showed Macron would beat Le Pen by 61 percent to 39 percent in the run-off on May 7.

Last Saturday Authentic Johnathan Cyprien Jersey , Macron warned a rally in the southern city of Marseille: "Those who say Le Pen can't win the second round are the same as those who said Trump could never win. We don't know what can happen if she is far ahead in the first round."

He aims to appease voters of different political views, promising a mix of spending cuts and investment boost to kickstart the economy.

"I am the only candidate who unites. If the French want this change, they will vote for me," he told Le Monde newspaper on Monday.

In a recent interview with Xinhua Authentic Sylvester Williams Jersey , Sciences Po University professor Thomas Guenole saw Macron as "a possible winner by default", although the candidate has never held an elected post and "lacks charisma and is proposing a rather hazy right-left compromise".

"Macron is today a possible winner by default as right-wing candidate is handicapped by corruption and nepotism and the left is divided between two candidates," he said.

Asked whether Le Pen could make a shock win following a surge of populism in France, Guenole said the far-right leader is likely to lose the race.

"Le Pen has no chance of winning the presidential election. For a simple reason that the share of voters who are ready to vote for anyone in the second round Authentic Logan Ryan Jersey , as long as it is to beat Le Pen, is more than one out of two voters," he said.

Eleven candidates are officially competing to book a ticket to occupy the Elysee Palace in 2017 over the next five years.

If no contender wins a majority of votes in the first round on April 23, the top-score nominees will meet two weeks later for a run-off.

How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool In College Park GA How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool In College Park GA September 29 Authentic Josh Kline Jersey , 2015 | Author: Ruthie Calderon | Posted in Education

It is a big event when a child is ready to attend school. Preschool in College Park GA should be fun and exciting. Parents and children alike anticipate it, but sometimes with a bit of fear. Preparing in advance will make it easier for all concerned so it will be a natural part of life.

Like any new endeavor, it takes some advanced preparation. Parents need to introduce the idea a week or two before classes start – but not too soon. They should explain what will take place and how great it will be to meet other kids their own age. You can mention the toys and games, the playground Authentic Eric Decker Jersey , the classroom and more. Try to alleviate stress by waiting for all the details until the last minute. Introduce the idea slowly without trepidation in your voice.

A child attending school will have a new routine. Practice it in advance so day one will be a smooth transition. Most children have to go to bed early in order to get up on time. They will have to get dressed in new clothes and shoes as well. Make a game out of it such as racing to button a shirt or tie shoelaces.

Some parents even go so far as to role play a typical day at school. It is wise to do this during normal play activity. You might pretend to be the child talking to the new teacher. Anything that makes going to a new school less intimating is wise. You can also teach proper behavior during the role play, what to say to other kids, and what to do at snack time. If a lunchbox is used, your child will need instruction on using it and cleaning up after a meal.

Know the activities to be taught. To prepare your child for arts and crafts time Authentic Kevin Byard Jersey , give him clay dough to cut using safe scissors. This will wake up the creativity in him and exercise his motor skills as well. To prepare for his reading class, have reading materials ready in your car, in his room or in the kitchen or dining room for him to skim through. This will strengthen his association with books. Reading him his bedtime story would help too.

It is not a bad idea to visit the school after hours or weekends as a way of introducing the educational environment. Meet the teacher and talk about your child’s special needs. Familiarity will relax your young one and smooth the transition on day one, alleviating the fear of the unknown.

The first day of school need not be traumatic for your child. However Authentic Derrick Henry Jersey , it is not unknown to see tears and some resistance. Be comforting and patient and will soon disappear. The lure of other kids and toys will replace any trepidation. Remind your child how soon you will return and be off. Don’t make a fuss or a scene. Make your goodbye short and sweet and not an expression of concern.

Following these guidelines will bring good results: it is hard.
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