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Adidas X Plr Sneakerboot Trace Cargo che

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Adidas new zealand Upping the ante, adidas has given their iconic EQT Support a Primeknit upgrade for the summer. Dubbed the adidas EQT Support 93 Refined Primeknit,the sneaker comes in a dope white and Frozen Green colorway, which will surely turn heads.The adidas EQT Support 93 Refined Primeknitfeatures a socklike construction thanks to the Primeknit upper and red and white ribbed collar. A yellow EVA midsole and black Three Stripes branding provides a nice contrast to the warmer colors of the sneaker.Available now at Feature, the adidas EQT Support 93 Refined Primeknit can be copped for $160.

Adidas singapore words photos Ray P.Ill proudly admit Ive been a hypebeast for running shoes and not actually using them to run. But, can you blame a guy for wanting to be comfortable At this point I own over 40 pairs of BOOST sneakers and only recently have I decided to stop treating them like trophies. As I get older, its more difficult to get 6 10 of my homies together to play Basketball, my preferred method of cardio, so running is pretty much my last resort.I have all the gear necessary and already wear shorts leggings with BOOST sneakers for fashion. So, why not really be about that life, rightI started out running in ASICS because I completed a 10K in those and they felt really good, but to be honest, they look pretty trash. The fact is I do care about style more than anything else, I dont know its just part of my DNA. The best looking running sneakers out all have BOOST, in my opinion. I did try running a few miles on the treadmill with the UltraBOOST and loved them, however my foot would sink a little more than I would like.The option I finally settled on was the adidas PureBOOST DPR. I wasnt fond of this shoe when it launched in May because the photos didnt do them justice, but once I tried on the DPR for the first time, I instantly loved the look. Theyre really sleek and the BOOST made them an automatic in my rotation. After a couple of rounds on the treadmill, I felt this shoe was low profile enough and stable enough for my liking.I was ready to take my runners on the streets of Los Angeles.This shoe was made to cater to the needs of people who often run in urban environments and downtown LA is definitely that. Its purposely sleeker and lighter than the UltraBOOST so you can be shifty enough to avoid traffic on the sidewalk, but also hit corners fast around buildings and parks. The traction is super sticky too.My favorite part of the PureBOOST DPR is the fact that its something I wouldnt mind chillin in. Being in such a densely populated city means I always bump into friends in different areas and end up grabbing a drink andor a bite to eat while catching up with them. Feeling comfortable in what Im wearing is a major key.Im definitely not a marathoner and dont consider myself a runner yet, but its nice to have a sneaker that serves its purpose with style appeal too.The more I became happy with the aesthetic and performance of my DPRs, the more I began getting into what they call a runners zone. Theres a few other factors that play into getting into the zone as well, such asI still consider myself a running noob, but the experience has been fun so far. Ive even tried getting down with a couple of different Run Clubs which were pretty intimidating, but the positivity and support from these types of groups helped me overlook the fact that some of them are beasts with the miles. I definitely recommend you hitting up your local club at least once.Im the type of person who does research on every new activity I partake in and it was dope to see Im not the only one who values fashion inconjunction with fitness. The gawd Rick Owens had this amazing quote that was pretty inspiringWorking out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body.Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead. Rick OwensAccording to Uncle Rick, the best type of hypebeast to be is a fitness hypebeast. I can get down with that. Do you have a lot of running sneakers, but dont actually run Try it out. You, just like me, might actually end up taking a liking to the sport through the love of the footwear and style.Browse ahead for an exclusive look at theadidas PureBOOST DPR which you can shop here.Retail price is set at $150.

Adidas UK Subtlety overtakes the latest adidas Y3 Qasa Highwhich appears largely in allblack until muted hints of olivegreen transform the noir sensibility into something greater, something more refined.From the eyelets, to the heel tab and on down to the midsole construction, ontrend dark olive shading adds superior contrast to the predominately monotone black upper. This Yohji Yamamoto gem continues to be the shining star under the Y3 label, even with new Boost cushioned styles standing tall in their own right.Grab thisadidas Y3 Qasa High BlackOlive now for $390 at KITH.
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