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air jordan shoes basketball 2017

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The air jordan retro shoes is one of the true icons. The case could be made that it's the best Air Jordan of all-time. So that shoe, revived in 2016 with the throwback "NIKE AIR" branding on the heel? No-brainer.

The air jordan retro shoes for sale has released several times since its initial launch back in 1988. This time for 2016 it returns in its true form, with classic Nike air branding on the heel and outer sole replacing the Jumpman of recent releases. As well as the fire red lining of the tongue which again has not been seen since the 1988 original pair. With the white upper being in a premium tumbled leather with classic Jordan 3 elephant print wrapping the toe and heel counter as well as the eye stays. With a white midsole and grey outer sole complete the look of the Air Jordan III in its true form!

The air jordan shoes basketball 2017 OG shoe was last seen all the way back in 2011, but now a new, revamped edition is set to hit stores on Black Friday, November 25. It stays true to its original design with white tumbled leather covering the upper, while the essential "Cement Grey" paneling is placed at the heel, toe cap and eye stays. Meanwhile, the "True Blue" graces the midsole unit and inner lining, and splatters of red are seen on the outsole, tongue and eyelets.

The air jordan 3 retro true blue has had many rereleases since its' debut in 1988, 5 to be exact. One thing that is special about this release is that it will contain the original branding that hasn't been present on the shoe since the 1988 original. On the heel of the shoe there is a Nike Air branding, accompanied with the Nike swoosh. On previous releases this has simply been the jumpman symbol, which is still present on the tongue of the new "True Blue". Another difference is that the sole of the shoe was darkened. This decision was likely to help it more match the shade of the gray elephant print, while the sole itself cannot have such a complex design.

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